Noel P Burke B sc. hons M.I.S.c.P.

Chartered physiotherapist

A native of Galway, I was educated locally by the Patrician Brothers in the “Bish”, there after in the University of Wales Bangor where I studied Chemistry and Physical Education and there after at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh where I studied Physiotherapy. Since, graduating in 1996 I have worked in several countries including the UK; United States; Jordan; & Deutschland. It was during my time in Deutschland that I developed a keen interest in out-patient rehabilitation and the beneficial effects that it can have for the patients who train with such a concept. Having returned home to Galway in 2000, I opened a Private Physiotherapy clinic in Renmore. However, ultimately a long term goal of mine was to open a purpose built physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre.

That goal has now been achieved and this new clinic gives patients the opportunity to train specifically with isokinetic strengthening equipment. The advantages of training with with such a concept are numerous but primarily it allows the physiotherapist to access vital numerical data in relation to postural and muscle imbalances that patients might have.

Consequently this diagnostic data is then analysed by the physiotherapist to monitor the patient’s progress more objectively throughout their rehabilitation programmes.

Finally, I am delighted to announce that Rinn Mhór Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic is now the first clinic in Ireland to have such diagnostic equipment available to it’s patients and I am even more delighted that such technology is now available to patients in the West of Ireland and especially in Galway City.

I hope your treatment at our clinic is beneficial.