Rinn Mhor physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic was established in 2000 by Chartered physiotherapist Noel P Burke MISCP B.Sc Hons. The clinic primarily looks after all aspects of Orthopaedic medicine ranging from paediatrics right through to care of the elderly, stroke and cardiac rehabilitation. The clinic ethos concentrates on administering manual therapy for all it’s patients where deemed appropriate, thus allowing patients to receive one-to-one, individual hands-on treatment. The patient will also gain an understanding of their injury and a patient management care plan which will enable them to return to full function and mobility.

As a therapist, Noel is always keen to understand the reasoning behind the skeletal dysfunction that patients present with. However, having gained numerous years of experience and expertise from working abroad he now delivers a distinct and unique model of treatment and care that benefits all types of patients and injuries.

This model of treatment is fundamentally based on identifying the skeletal dysfunction, and helping the patient to regain mobility, increase their flexibility and ultimately to become stronger. The clinic is unique as it offers all it’s patients having recovered from their existing injuries, to train in a safe and controlled setting in our isokinetic rehab centre. The isokinetic training is both analytical and therapeutic and this concept, allows the therapist to identify any pre-existing muscle imbalances that the patient may already have and set about correcting them.

I am delighted to say that this Isokinetic analysis is unique to Rinn Mhór Physiotherapy Clinic, as a result of our strong links with Bio-Medical research in Deutschland “Noel hatt fur vielen Jahren in Deutschland gearbietet…!


Noel P Burke B Sc. Hons M.I.S.C.P. Chartered Physiotherapist

B.Sc. Joint Hons Chemistry & Physical Education

Dipl. Deutsch